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Sexual Abuse is any form of non-consensual physical contact and includes rape, molestation or any sexual conduct with a person who lacks the mental capacity to exercise consent.

Perpetrators of sexual abuse include attendants, employees of care facilities, family members [including spouses] and others.
Facility residents sometimes assault fellow residents.

Sexual abuse indicators are:

  • Genital or anal pain, irritation or bleeding
  • Bruises on external genitalia or inner thighs
  • Difficulty walking or sitting; Torn stained or bloody underclothing
  • Sexually transmitted diseases; or Inappropriate talking
  • Behavioural indicators of Sexual Abuse are inappropriate unusual or aggressive sexual behaviour, an inappropriate sex-role relationship between the victim and the suspect.

In many cases, the individual we support will show you what the abuser is making them do as they do not understand that the act is inappropriate.